The Hunter 2 Gift Box

For the man that spends countless hours in the country with his buddies doing what he knows and loves best…hunting. Now he can smell like gun smoke even on Sunday’s in church haha.

This box contains:

  • Gun Smoke Big Ass Soap – Gun Smoke attempts to capture that moment. The whiff you’ll get isn’t exactly metallic Cordite; rather, notes of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather combine to form a rich, slightly smoky scent that reminds you of a successful morning spent alongside your favorite fellow sportsmen.
  • Bunker Buster Steak & Wild Game Seasoning – Steak & Wild Game seasoning. This BBQ rub is incredible on steaks, chicken, smoked ribs, wild game (venison, buffalo, quail, etc.), and much more. Compliments quality meat without overpowering and detracting from it. Savory with slight sweetness. Made by Veterans of the USA!
  • Cannon Balm – When it comes to new products, we often think of the worst things in the world, and we try to do the opposite. We can all agree the worst thing in the world is bubble gum flavored lip balm in dainty little tubes. Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant is not that.
  • Church Key Bottle Opener – End the hunting day with a cold one! A riveted wood handle and sturdy stainless steel opens bottles and cans with ease.

Each box is wrapped up with twine and a tag!  Make a note in comments that will be handwritten on the tag. Don’t need your box shipped until closer to a Holiday or Birthday? No problem. Make a note at checkout and we will wait to ship.