Organic Potting Soil


Our all-natural organic plus premium potting soil mix is ready to use for all your indoor projects and a vital part of our DIY Terrarium Kit. This premium soil retains moisture reducing the need to water frequently. Available in two sizes depending on your needs. If you are using our “Glass Canister Round Cork Top,” as seen in our examples, see below for soil amounts we recommend for successful Terrariums.

  • Contains natural and organic ingredients, providing an excellent soil environment for your potted plants
  • Contains no composted manures, reducing fungus gnat attraction
  • Makes an excellent seed starter mix
  • Retains moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering

Terrarium Kit Component:

For our terrariums, we recommend the 8 oz. potting mix bag for size small and medium  Glass Canister’s.  We successfully can build both the small and medium terrariums from that 8 oz. bag. This of course would depend on your personal preference in design.  If using the largest Glass Canister, bump up to the 16 oz. bag. If doing all three Glass Canisters use the 16 oz bag.

See Complete Terrarium Kit

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