Iced Coffee Sleeve Koozie, Javasok Cherry Bomb


Ditch those old random koozies for this stylish Iced Coffee Cup Sleeve that stretches to fit your favorite Starbucks drink! Use it on any beverage: iced coffee, iced tea, smoothies, beer, whatever is in your hand. Use it anywhere: work, the lake, your couch, an airplane! Keep your hands dry and your desk puddle free. A perfect gift for anyone! Javasok is eco-friendly and reusable.

  • Made of 4MM coated neoprene
  • Hand wash in warm water, air dry
  • We carry size medium 22-28 oz, it fits: Dunkin size Medium, Starbucks size Venti, McCafe size large, Dutch Bros size Medium, Tim Hortons size Large
  • Medium – 3.8″D Top x 5.3″H x 2.8″D Base

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