Tenzi – Family Dice Game


Another dice game, so what. So clearly – you’ve never played Tenzi! It’s so satisfyingly simple, it plays so quickly, and it brings everyone together effortlessly!

What you get are four sets of 10 dice, each in a different color. Players pick their color, then immediately start rolling! Your goal is to get all of your dice to the same number, and you have as many chances as you need to do it. Not a bad start! Set aside those four 6’s you rolled first, and roll the remaining six dice again, and again, and again. Each roll you’ll set aside any 6’s you see. Finally, you’ll end up with all ten dice as 6’s.Maybe you’ll decide halfway through to go after 3’s instead. That’s acceptable too! – Just be sure to move fast… The first player to get all their dice to one number wins! 

Sounds too simple? We’ve only scratched the surface.

As a variation, create a target number… say 37. Everyone rolls and rolls, selecting whatever numbers they want until one speedy winner gets all ten dice to add up to a total of 37. Get started playing, and you’ll be surprised by all the fun Tenzi game variations you discover.

  • As a party game, an adult game, a kids game, an intergenerational dice-rolling marathon, Tenzi is top-rate fun.  
  • A challenge game of speed, chance and fun!
  • Encourages dexterity, quick thinking, interaction
  • Plays quickly, brings people together effortlessly
  • Simple game play, understood in an instant
  •  Highly adaptable for many variations of play
  • Includes 4 sets of 10 dice
  • One Tenzi game is suitable for 4 players
  • For a large crowd of players just purchase several sets of Tenzi
  • Engages people of all ages Perfect for travel
  • Colors of dice are assorted and vary.

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