Frag Out Flavor Seasoning

Constitution – Sweet & Smoky Spice WE THE PEOPLE of the United States have a passion for great food and BBQ. Why the constitution? Because the taste of this seasoning is as sweet as the constitution itself. aside from helping you win the worst vegan award at your next neighborhood event, the sweet and smoky BBQ taste of this rub is sure to promote whatever you throw on the grill or skillet. You haven’t experienced life until you’ve indulged in smoked CONSTITUTION ribs. And if you don’t have a smoker, the grill is fine.

  • Spice Level: None
  • Tastes Great on, Smoked/grilled pork ribs, Smoked beef ribs, Pulled pork sandwiches, Smoked brisket, Seasoned ground beef for use in chuck-wagon beans, spaghetti sauce, and stuffed bell peppers.

Bunker Buster – Steak & Wild Game Spice A world-class rub that won’t only make your typical beef steaks, ribs, and pork chops taste great, but will significantly enhance and compliment the flavor of wild game meat. An absolute must have blend for anyone ready to grill elk, lamb, bear, bison, moose, deer, or any other wild game.

  • Spice Level: None
  • Tastes Great on, Smoked ribs, Venison burgers, Marinaded chicken, Smoked drumsticks

Operator – Red Hickory Smoke Seasoning Do you operate? Not without this seasoning you don’t! A must have for anyone who takes their grilling or smoking seriously. Regardless of how you cook that meat, our hickory smoke BBQ flavored blend will never let you down. An absolute must have for smoked brisket and burgers!

  • Spice Level: None
  • Tastes Great on, Smoked brisket, Beef burgers (mixed into hand-crafted patties), Sautéed veggies, Pulled pork sandwiches

Salty SGT – Steak & Burger Seasoning 

Lip smackin’ isn’t rude – it’s a compliment. And its paid out when you flavor your steaks and burgers with the Salty SGT. The Salty SGT knows exactly how to turn on your grill. It get’s all the right juices flowing, and guarantees a good time. Dedicated To Those Ol’ Bitter E7 Types. If you’ve served in the armed forces for any period of time, you know who we’re talking about. The crusty, old-school ones who couldn’t care less about new policies or political correctness. Others may outrank them, but let’s face it -they know they run the show.

  • Spice Level: None
  • Tastes Great on, Grilled burgers with hand-made beef patties, Grilled rib-eye steak, Grilled sirloin, Pan-seared New York strips, Asparagus, Red potatoes, Grilled veggies

Freedom Spice – Honey BBQ Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy FREEDOM SPICE and that’s basically the same thing. Who wouldn’t be happy after rubbing down their meat in pure freedom? That’s right. Your meat. Whether it’s pulled pork, ribs, steak, ground beef, or chicken, this honey BBQ rub will keep them coming back for more. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Spice Level: Mild
  • Tastes Great on, Seared steak (T-bone or sirloin), Grilled pork ribs, Smoked beef ribs, Grilled sirloin, Smoked brisket, Chicken breasts (skillet, or grilled in foil)

Blackout – Blackened Seasoning Eat and black out on freedom. A patriot’s choice when it comes to blackened foods such as fish or chicken. Sure, It’s got a bite. The more you add, the hotter it gets. But that shouldn’t exclude those unfortunate individuals who suffer from a weak spice tolerance. A Winner for meal prepping. Are you among those who bulk prep their food and let it sit in the fridge for a few days? Then you’re all too familiar with the less than desirable taste that can be acquired along the way. Our BLACKOUT seasoning helps keep chicken tasting great even days later.

  • Spice Level: Medium
  • Tastes Great on, Blackened wood-grilled swordfish Blackened chicken breasts (1/2″ thick, tenderized, and cooked generously with vegetable or olive oil in a skillet/Foreman Grill), Pellet smoked chicken drumsticks, Baked chicken

Shellshock – Spicy Maple Bacon What’s better than maple bacon? How about maple bacon with a kick! This Rub packs a kick with jalapeño and habanero, and brings life to anything you throw on the grill!

  • Spice Level: Hot
  • Tastes Great on, Homemade beef burgers (mixed into hand-crafted patties), Encrusted smoked pork tenderloin, Eggs, Smoked ribs, Pulled pork, Omelets
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Gmo
  • Blended in America

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